Santa Paula Pool Service

What is included in a typical Santa Paula Pool Service?

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Weekly cleaning:

Part 1:

There are many steps involved by a professional pool service. Each weekly service includes removal of all debris. This could include skimming the top of the water for leaves and grass that may be floating on the top as well as dead insects.  Pool techs might also use their net to scoop up larger debris at the bottom or middle of the pool and steps.

However, before they start removing debris most pool techs will brush the tile and steps around the pool to remove anything that may be stuck to the sides so they can be sure nothing gets left behind. Once they technician has complete brushed and netted what they can they begin to vacuum the pool. Vacuuming is not always required. In cases that vacuuming isn’t need the technician will skip this step. Vacuuming is great for sucking up small particles of dirt on the bottom of the pool that the net cannot pick up.

As well as removing debris from the pool itself, empty out all skimmer. Pump, and pool cleaner baskets

  • Brushing- of the walls, tiles, steps, ledges, etc,
  • Skimming– the top level of water as well as other floating and large debris
  • Vacuuming- (*as needed) the bottom of the pool to remove small particles and dirt / D.E.
  • Empty the slimmer basket or baskets
  • clean the pump basket or baskets
  • Pool Vac canister emptied * if equipped with a cleaner

General Pool repairs

Pools like houses and automobiles require repairs and extra work every now and them. There are quite a few parts that have to work correctly in order for the pool to operate like it is supposed to. Pools have a very simple but important filtration system. Pools usually use a single D.E. filter with about 8 grids to filter out debris that goes through the pump and the basket.  Filters measure the overall pressure in pounds per square inch or PSI.

The general rule of thumb is once the pressure gauge raises 10 PSI from the clean start pressure it is due for a filter clean. The time in between filter cleans depends on how dirty the pool usually gets and how many people use the pool. However, the average pool needs to be cleaned every three months.

The next most common repair that happens with Santa Paula pool service on a regular schedule would be salt cell cleans. Salt cells need to remain clean to ensure the salt is properly chlorinating the pool. Cleaning salt cells is very simple but it is important that a professional cleans it. Improper cleaning can easily damage or even destroy a salt cell which is a big investment that you don’t want to have to replace.

Pool Care and Repairs!

Arguably the most important part to any pool would be the pool pump. There are many different types and brands of pools pumps. Regular maintenance of your pool pump is very important. Pool pumps tend to leak as they get older. The seals inside tend to fail. Pump seals can be replaced at a lot lower price than the cost of buying a new pump. Other things such as gaskets for the pump can fail over time but can easily be fixed. Make sure to call your local if you notice anything weird with your pump before it is too late.