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Why should I hire a Goleta pool service?

Maintaining your pool requires weekl service. It is very important to keep your chemicals balanced. Along with chemically balanced water levels you need to remove debris from your pool every week. If your pool remains dirty for extended amounts of time it can cause very expensive and larger problems down the road. The short term effect of pools with a lot of debris is algae. Debris and plants in your pool decay and emit phosphates that promote algae growth. Hiring a pool cleaner will help ensure that you don’t have any problems with algae as well as pump failure. Another plus of hiring a goleta pool service pool guy is that your pool will always look presentable and clean. The pool is usually the first place guest look when they are in your backyard. If you don’t already have a pool service you should definitely consider getting one.

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What is included in a typical Pool Service?


Part 1:

There are many steps involved by a professional pool service. Each weekly service includes removal of all debris. This could include skimming the top of the water for leaves and grass that may be floating on the top as well as dead insects.  Pool techs might also use their net to scoop up larger debris at the bottom or middle of the pool and steps. However, before they start removing debris most pool techs will brush the tile and steps around the pool to remove anything that may be stuck to the sides so they can be sure nothing gets left behind. Once they technician has complete brushed and netted what they can they begin to vacuum the pool.

Vacuuming is not always required. In cases that vacuuming isn’t need the technician will skip this step. Vacuuming is great for sucking up small particles of dirt on the bottom of the pool that the net cannot pick up. As well as removing debris from the pool itself, it is also part of Service to empty out all skimmer. Pump, and pool cleaner baskets

  • Brushing– of the walls, tiles, steps, ledges, etc,
  • Skimming- the top level of water as well as other floating and large debris
  • Vacuuming- (*as needed) the bottom of the pool to remove small particles and dirt / D.E.
  • Empty the slimmer basket or baskets
  • Clearing the pump basket or baskets
  • Disassembling Pool Vac canister * if equipped with a cleaner

Why Goleta Pool Service?

We are a professional trust worthy company. We don’t just splash and dash. We spend time deep cleaning your pool to the best of our abilities. Although it is impossible to make a pool perfectly clean, we take pride in making sure it is as close to perfect as possible. Goleta pool service is locally trusted and respected. We hand picked the best techs in the area to take care of your pool. We understand how hard your work to afford such a beautiful home with a pool.

So we do our best to make sure it always looks and operates great! We work around your schedule to make everything as simple as possible.  Customer service is the most import belief at our business and what we built our business around. We treat you how we would want someone to treat our pool. We look forward to cleaning your pool. Don’t hesitate to get one of our techs out to your pool today!


Pool Service Seasons

Summer- The summer season is prime time for pool cleaners. This time of year we are on our A game! We are the busiest around this time due to everyone using their pool. Pools burn through chemicals very quick in the summer do to the sun burning them out and people contaminating the pool quicker. However, pools tend to stay cleaner in the Summer due to the steady good weather in Goleta, Ca.


Fall- During the Fall pool season pool techs have a lot of work to do. As it is still usually warm in Goleta chemicals still burn out rapidly. On top of possible algae blooms the pools get extremely dirty since all the trees and plants start losing their leafs. The combination of these two are deadly for big algae blooms

Winter– Now that the weather has cooled down pools no longer demand high amounts of chemicals to remain algae free. However, in the winter the pools get very dirty due to the drastic weather changes. Because of this it takes much longer for them to be cleaned.

Spring- Spring can vary. As temperatures rise chemicals will need to be added more frequently again. Pools can either stay clean or remain very dirty depending on the weather conditions in the area.